Live Now

  I picture my last days will be so grim. Sunset hours lying on my back in a hospital bed, respirator in me. Eyes dilated looking skinny trying to smile at my daughter and my son at the bedside. Trying to say something the whole room would quiet down, just to hear my last words. […]

Paupers’ Mansion

To survive on less than 50 bob a day sounds like a joke made for old grannies to show you their toothless mounds, from shrunken cheeks and explode in a type of laughter leaving your face sprinkled with colorless slimy slobber. Let’s get some things upront, count yourself lucky if you ever have a grandparent. […]

Nairobi Bachelor Walks Into A Spa

There is nothing more unsettling than standing naked in front of a woman you do not know. Insecurities make you fidgety. It is such a terrible feeling because you do not know what to do with your hands. You do not even have a pocket to hide them in. So you fumble with them clumsily […]


I have heard many “normal” people talk ill of Jevanjee gardens. Strategically located in the middle of Nairobi’s robust central business district, it must have been placed there to provide the much-needed hideout for relaxation amidst the stress levels razing around the city life. One day while eavesdropping, i got to know that a  lot […]


I wanted to have my previous post as the final before the year ends until this morning. I was seated on the bed, leaning against my wall staring at rising sunrays sipping through the curtains of my window, like rainbow in the savanna. I have a two layered  dark brown curtain pulled to the sides; […]


  Since the evolution of man, second hardest thing to cracking the Deviancy’s code is a first date. Nobody likes a first date. It’s full of tension, power play and just being extra careful not to mess things up. The ‘your first impression’ dogma  has been so much entrenched that we religiously live by it.Huh.First […]